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15 young people from Northern Sweden, Finland and Norway participated in Barents Youth Hackathon in Storforsen to discuss common challenges and opportunities in the Barents region.

Hackathon took place on 17-19 of April and was organized by the Barents Road International Organization, together with Älvsbyn´s municipality and with the financial support from Norrbotten County Administrative Board.

Barents Road Policy Hackathon gathered young people from the Barents region to discuss issues important to Barents youth and to create concrete, actionable solutions.

The young people (aged 17 to 31), worked in a so-called "hackathon", which is an event, usually lasting several days, where people gather to collaborate to solve a problem or identify new opportunities. Issues like career opportunities, social places for young people, events and young people's participation in decision-making were in focus.

Young people had a chance to exchange ideas, challenge each other, develop cross-border youth cooperation and also to practice English and Nordic languages, create new contacts and more.

Recommendations from the Hackathon will be delivered to Barents cities and municipalities, international cross-border organisations and other relevant actors.   

Youth are the present, not only the future. Youth should be properly represented and actively involved in decision-making. The voices of youth matter! 

Photo: Luleå Municipality

With questions regarding Barents Youth Hackathon, please, contact the Barents Secretariat located in Luleå municipality since 2018. The organization works to stimulate increased cooperation & dialogue in the Barents region.


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