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Barents Road´s Annual Congress 2023 in Savukoski, Finland.

Barents Road organization plays an important role in stimulating people-to-people cooperation and dialogue across the borders. Today we need international collaboration and dialogue more than ever before. This was one of the key messages from the meeting in Savukoski.

The members of Barents Road international organization from Finland, Norway and Sweden met in Savukoski (physically and on-line). The Municipality of Savukoski together with the Barents Road Secretariat have prepared an interesting and interactive program for the guests. The meeting took place between 31st of October and 1st of November 2023.

Mayor of Savukoski Eeva-Maria Maijala, together with Barents Road´s Chair Daniel Smirat, welcomed the participants of the Congress. Business development manager Reija Aaltonen told about business development in the municipality.

The owner of the Samperin Savotta hotel Niko Lakela told about the history of the hotel, current situation and about the tourism sector in the region.

Dina Solatie, director of the The Local Federation of East Lapland, presented current activities and projects of the organization. Her colleague Vilma Ohrankämmen told about the project KUTSU – Growth from Sustainable Biking Tourism Development.

Barents Road´s coordinator Nataliia Hammarberg shared her thoughts about development of Barents Road cooperation in the changing world and the important role that Barents road plays in stimulating people-to-people cooperation and dialogue across the borders.

The participants of the Congress had time for group work and brainstorming in order to develop concrete ideas for Barents Roads activities and operations for the next year.

Congress program included a visit to Puistola House museum, information about Savukoski´s history, walk in the center of Savukoski and more.

About Barents Road International Organisation.

Barents Road International Organization was founded in 1997. The organization works to stimulate an increased cooperation & dialogue in the Barents region. Our members are municipalities and organizations from three countries crossed by Barents Road; Norway, Sweden, Finland (cooperation with Russia has been frozen until further notice). Since 2018 Barents Road Secretariat is located in Luleå, Sweden.

Read more about Barents Road international organization here: Barents Road Organisation, Sverige, Luleå, or contact Nataliia Hammarberg

Text: Nataliia Hammarberg

Photography: Dina Solatie, Daniel Smirat & Nataliia Hammarberg

8 November 2023


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