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Barents Road International Association (BR) was formed in 1997 and is a nonprofit organization. The Association acts actively to stimulate increased collaboration in the Barents region. Our members are mainly regions, municipalities and companies from all countries crossed by Barents Road; Norway, Sweden, Finland and northwestern Russia


To increase collaboration within the Barents region


The main purpose of the association is to build interpersonal relationships and develop activities around the road between Murmansk and Bodø – Barents Road.

The BR-Organization will work for:

  • promoting increased cooperation between member municipalities and regions, including twin-city collaboration.

  • finding new ways for business development and entrepreneurship, in particular to meet young people's willingness to start their own business.

  • stimulating exchanges in the areas of education, language (incl. minority lang.), culture, sport with a focus on young people especially young girls in order to increase understanding and peaceful coexistence by enabling young men to realize their ideas and influence the development of society.

  • to work to ensure that the Barents road becomes an important part of the Arctic trade and communication routes.

Planned activities in 2019 - 2020
  1. To develop the organizational form of BR Organization.

  2. To work to ensure that more municipalities join BR Organization from all four countries.

  3. Membership fees shall cover the administrative costs of BR Organization.

  4. Other “activity-expenses” shall be covered by external financing.

  5. The BR Organization shall work more clearly with issues related to the national minorities: Sámi, Kvens, Tornedalians, Nenets and Jakuts regions national minorities.

  6. To work on business development issues such as Youth-entrepreneurship by involving business-sector into different activities of Organization, coming projects etc.

  7. To work for counteract youth out-migration from Barents countries.

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