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The main goal of "Barents Road" is to build interpersonal relationship and to develop various activities throughout the transport connection between the cities of Bodø and Murmansk.

  • to promote enhanced cooperation between member countries;

  • to stimulate interaction and culture/education/sport/exchange among young people;

  • "Barents Road"  - should become an important part of the trade and communication routes in the Arctic

Barents Road has decided to freeze all cooperation with Russia.

Increased cooperation is our goal

Barents Road International Organization was founded in 1997. The organization actively works to stimulate an increased cooperation in the Barents region. Our members are mainly municipalities and organizations from all countries crossed by Barents Road; Norway, Sweden, Finland and North-West Russia.


The full members of the organization are the municipalities and cities located along the path between Murmansk and Bodö. The supporting membership is offered to all interested companies, organizations, institutions and associations and others who can benefit from and would like to support Barents Road organization and its ideas.


The highest authority in the management of the organization is the annual meeting of members. The steering board leads the organisation and consist of 2 representatives of the organization from each participating country. 

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